The Ultimate Recipe For Women Over 40 to Look Hot, Sexy and Beautiful

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It may sound like a cliche, but it is true that sexiness or beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. I am sure you have heard this more times than you can count. Women over 40 who want to remain beautiful, hot, or sexy – whichever you would like to call it – soon realize that wearing a fitting pair of jeans and a tall heels doesn’t magically make you feel desirable.

Being well-spoken, confident, kind, funny and elegant are just some of the things that make a woman, regardless of their age, sexy and hot. Embracing the changes in your skin and body, maintaining some mystery and not trying too hard, will amp up the sexy quotient of any woman, who is over 40. Below are some of the things that women over 40 should do to look and feel hot.

  • Drink a little red wine
  • Consider coloring your hair
  • Embrace changes in your skin and body
  • Take lots of maca root powder
  • Buy a high-quality anti-aging cleanser
  • Contour
  • Take green tea and lots of water
  • Maintain brow lushness and thickness
  • Consider veneers
  • Have a rich, nourishing night cream by your bedside
  • Detoxify your liver once in a while

Drink Red Wine

Did you know that red wine has numerous health-boosting properties? Well…. Some of these include being an antioxidant, having anti-cancer, heart healthy and anti-aging properties. This wine contains resveratrol which keeps your skin safe from harmful UV radiation.

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However, despite having all these benefits, it is advisable that you moderate your intake of red wine. It is also best that you sip wine with a meal. This helps to curb any alcoholic inflammatory effects. Just drink a glass and avoid eating saturated and trans-fats. Eating healthy meals that are balanced, gives a glow to your skin and builds a youthful look.

Consider Coloring Your Hair

As you age, you may find grey or white hairs sprouting on your head. To get a younger look, you may consider coloring your hair to get rid of white-gray hair look. Apply lighter, natural and soft colors throughout your hair.

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You should stop trimming your hair like you did in your 20s and 30s. This is because your hair growth is slows down once you hit around 40 or so. Therefore, the rate of replacement might be very slow. Short hair looks great for a woman over 40. Just get a great hairdresser. They will give you a look that complements your age, face, and body shape.

Hydrate Yourself With Water And Green Tea

Hydration is very important at any age. It boosts circulation as well as gives you supple skin. You are already beautiful. Therefore, all you need to do is enhance the look you have, not change it. This means that plastic surgery should not be an option.

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Maintain Your Brow Thickness And Lushness

If you notice a few grey/white hairs on display in your brows, consider coloring them to mask their appearance, over plucking. Plucking is not the solution, no matter how tempting it is.

Brow plucking destroys follicles which can leave gaps, causing hair to never grow in that area again. Do not leave mascara behind or be afraid of it. It makes your eyes bigger and gives your whites a pop, giving you a more striking look.

Contour for Women Over 40

Contour should be your best friend. It gives you a youthful appearance. The perfect one for your skin is the one that is 2 or 3 shades darker than your complexion. Dust your temples, jawline, and hairline lightly. This create a false depth on your face which emphasizes lighter areas. This is how you build a youthful look without spending a fortune on plastic surgery.

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Embrace Changes In Your Skin And Body

Your body might have gone slightly out of shape over the years due to child birth, inactivity, or slowing metabolism. Old is gold and not everyone is lucky enough to reach 40 or go way past it. Women over 40 should embrace and be proud of the changes in their body and skin that come as a result of time.

Even if your 20-something year old daughter’s clothing fits you, do not wear them. Avoid wearing makeup that looks that was popular when you were 20. Have a more classic and sophisticated style which perfectly complements your body and skin. This will suit and accentuate the woman you have become.

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Detoxify Your Liver Once In A While

Cleaning your liver clears the whites of your eyes. It also boosts your metabolic rates. To ensure that your liver is clean, avoid taking sugar, eating dairy as well as wheat for 5 days. During this time consider eating more green veggies. This is the perfect recipe for cleaning your liver.

Consider An Anti-Aging Cleanser

The best anti-aging regime should nourish your skin, not deplete it. For this reason, buy an anti-aging cream that is rich in nutrients. Such a cream will nourish your skin at the time you apply it. Avoid products with petroleum or mineral oils as ingredients. This ingredients suffocate your skin.

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Have A Rich And Nourishing Night Cream By Your Bedside

When you are over 40, your collagen fibers break apart after stiffening. As a result, you get furrows and cervices known as wrinkles and lines in your face, neck and body. This is why you should have a high-quality nourishing night cream which will remove dead skin cells. As a result, you get bright and wrinkle free skin.

Consider Veneers

One thing that makes women over 40 look younger is high-quality dentistry. Veneers last long term and offer more than a bright white color to your smile. They address issues like worn down and shortened teeth. They also fix dental flaws, giving you a more youthful appearance.

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Take Lots Of Maca Root Powder

Have you used maca root powder before? Well… you should increase its consumption. This is because it balances hormonal fluctuations hence, reduces menopause symptoms. This root powder also boosts energy levels, as well as, increases your libido.

Avoid foods with high sugar content, because refined sugar draws precious minerals from your body. As a result, you get deteriorated skin health due to the collagen-damaging effect of sugar.

With the above information, you can now take care of your skin and body and achieve a more youthful look. Your attractiveness that starts from the inside before it is reflected on the outside. Radiating confidence also boosts yout level of attractive. Therefore, embrace who you are and do whatever you do best.

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