How To Embrace Feeling Older and Love Life

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When people say “old age,” they are referring to ages that are near or have gone beyond the life expectancy of most human beings, which is typically 76. This is considered the end of the human life cycle. Other terms and euphemisms include: senior citizens (used by British and Americans), older adults (used in the social sciences), old people (which is used worldwide), seniors (typically an American usage), the elderly, and elders (which is seldom used).

You can’t miss them – the commercials, the books, the websites….. the list is endless. Society is constantly reminding you to be young, and wild and free. Phrases like “aging gracefully” and “forever young” are painted around you as if to remind you that getting older is a sin that should be condemned. What most people forget is that from the moment you are born, you start getting older. Well, it’s time you start to learn how to embrace feeling older and love life.

However, no one pays attention until you hit the age of 50 years. So should you embrace old age or fight it? Today, we want to show you how to embrace feeling older and love life.

How To Embrace Feeling Older And Love Life

Older Adults Are Generally Happier And Less Stressed Out

As a young adult, it is easy for you to get caught in the middle of life’s ups and downs. You had new responsibilities to deal with all the time and this was really stressful. As a women, you had to look pretty according to standards set by society. You also weighted heavily on you.

Moreover, when motherhood called, the pressure of life became greater. Life kept throwing blow after blow in your direction to the extent that you can’t even remember the last time that you were truly happy.

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However, as an older older adult you have it a bit easier because some of these responsibilities are lifted off your shoulders. For example, at 50+ years of age, your children are all grown up by now, lifting that pressure a bit. You probably have a little more money and your financial situation is very stable.

Spending more freely and enjoying the extra buying power. If you’re retired, even though your financial income might have reduced a bit, your expenses are less. Your house and car are paid off and you have a sizable savings account.

You Have More Time On Your Hands

Remember that bucket list where you never checked off anything because you couldn’t find the time to do it? Well, now is the time! With many responsibilities lifted off your shoulders, you can now climb Mount Kilimanjaro or learn a second language or volunteer at your favorite charity. Now is the time to ride a roller coaster in South America or go swimming with the dolphins in St Thomas Virgin Islands.

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Now is the time to go places where you’ve never gone before. Now is the spice up your marriage and go on that honeymoon that is way overdue. Take advantage of the free time you now have to chase your dreams and enjoy life to the fullest.

You Now Have The Opportunity To Make Right

When you were young, you made many mistakes in life – and some of them cost you a lot in terms of relationships. With the many responsibilities that came with being young, your tight schedule didn’t give you enough time to make things right. However, now that you are older, you finally have enough time and money to rebuild broken relationships and to make things right.

Keep in mind that not everyone gets such an opportunity to make things right. Therefore, being a senior can be viewed as a second chance (or a second shot) at life. Embrace it and utilize it the best way you can. Once you learn how to embrace feeling older and love life, you will start experiencing joys in new ways.

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You Have A Free Ticket To a Free Pass

Getting older comes with its many benefits, such as getting a free pass to places where it would be otherwise impossible. For example, you can avoid long queues at some banks, airports or even when waiting to cast your vote.

People are more likely to be nicer to seniors than to younger adults. In other words, the fact that you are a senior can make it possible to easily bend some rules and make the authorities look the other way. There can be many positive outcomes in your life. How to embrace feeling older means you gain control of what happens next.


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You Are Wiser Than Ever

Over the years, you’ve seen so much. This is the point in your life where your children and grandchildren look up to you for guidance. Cherish all the moments shared with your loved ones and feel free to share the wisdom that you’ve gained through life experiences. You understand your body better and can make smarter choices about your diet to lose weight and gain muscle. Let’s talk about more how to embrace getting older and love life.

Stay active

Just because you’ve hit 50 doesn’t mean that you’re sentenced to spend life in a rocking chair, knitting sweaters and scarves. Get yourself moving! In fact, studies show that people who remain active, even in old age, are less likely to develop diseases that come with aging. So, who said that you cannot go to the beach at 70? Rock your swimsuit and strut away. Take a thirty minute walk every afternoon. Do some yoga to increase your flexibility and whatever you do, keep moving.

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Embrace Change

By now, you we’re sure you’ve noticed how society is constantly changing and what used to be normal when you were in your 20s, might be viewed as being weird or “backwards” today. As much as you feel comfortable doing what you know worked before, it is important to leave room for change.

Stop nagging people with “how it used to be” speeches. It only makes you look old. In fact, learning new things is fun and makes you feel more youthful. This is how to embrace feeling older and enjoy life as much as you did when you were younger.

Change Your Skin Care Routine

At 50 years and counting, many changes have taken place in your body – and this includes your skin too. Your skin becomes drier and needs to be moisturized more often. Products that used to work for you in your 20s may not work anymore. Pay more attention to your skin, especially around your face and hands. Moreover, at this point, remember that you cannot afford to leave the house without sunscreen, even in the fall.

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Stimulate Your Mind

Never stop learning regardless of your age. By stimulating your mind, you can easily delay (or completely avoid) the mental health issues that come with aging. Buy books and start reading on a regular basis. Not a kindle book, but a physical book that you hold in your hands and turn the pages manually.

Get out and learn something new each week. Learn new skills such as painting, working out, and keep your mind busy.

Get Some Rest

When you were young, your busy schedule might make it difficult for you to sleep the recommended 7 hours each night. However, now that you are older, you may have fewer chores to worry about. You want to get enough sleep to give your body plenty of time to relax, regenerate and boost energy levels.

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Final Words On Embracing Old Age

We believe that aging is a golden opportunity presented to you by life. Getting older is a blessing. It is a rare gem that should be worn with pride and honor. It is not something to be ashamed of. Your age shouldn’t be hidden from the world. No need for Botox or face lifts or those expensive procedures. No need for a breast lift or butt implants. Wear your wrinkles with a smile on your face. Your laugh lines are there to remind you of the fun and happy moments you had, so why try to hide them?

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