Embracing Change In Your Life

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Getting older can be quite disconcerting for some. You remember the days when you turned 18, 22, 26 and so forth? Those were the days when you were super excited, and life was fun. Not only did you celebrate the milestones covered, but you also appreciated the dreams you hoped to accomplish. Today, learn how embracing change in your life can still mean a fulfilling life.

For a woman past 40, this point in your life is most certainly a big game changer. Regardless, it can be a fun, exciting and fantastic experience if you choose to look on the brighter side. It is an opportunity to explore and discover new interests, styles, and dimensions about yourself.

You have a challenge today. You can choose to experience the beauty of change and style and what it means as you advance in years. How does it change and define you? When it comes to beauty and elegance, age is but a number. Read on to gain insight into how to embrace change in your 40s and beyond.

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Embracing Change In Your Life Step By Step

The first step begins with acceptance. It is after you appreciate the changes in your body that you start to enjoy your beauty. Invest first from the inside– moving to the outside. Your inner beauty is what radiates on the outside.

Here is a secret that will help you develop your unique style as you age; forget what you looked like in your twenties. From today forward, your life should be about establishing a new identity that uniquely outlines who you are today.

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Know Your Body Shape

Try not to look too young when dressing. Earlier we said that your life shouldn’t be about looking like did in your twenties. Get rid of short skirts that exposes your knees. Instead, try an equal length skirt to compliment your features.

Wear fitting clothes that show a little of your shape and brings out the best in you. Of course, you need to wear clothes works with your body shape. The first shape is the hourglass. The hourglass shape is for a person with a defined narrow waist with the bust and hips being roughly of the same size. The second type is the inverted triangle shape. They have wide shoulders. The hips are small, and the bust is relatively more abundant.

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Thirdly, people with rectangle shapes have no defined waist, have a small bust and few curves. The pear shape is when your hips are wider than your shoulders. Lastly, we have the apple shape for people with weight on the stomach and an average bust size.

Fixing The Fixable

Know that you know your shape. Let’s look at ways to bring out the best in you with the right clothes and accessories. Invest in a turtleneck. Turtlenecks are often relaxed and appealing. They fit high, thus concealing the wrinkles on your neck. Additionally, the turtleneck fits well and gives you a womanly shape.

The length should be such that it hits the hipbone and thus bridges the gap between your stomach and your pant line. With a turtleneck, you no longer have to worry about exposing the tummy since it is well concealed. For what it worth, you can never go wrong with a high-end turtleneck that fits well.

butterfly ageless beauty

Did you know that your shoe collection determines your fashion score when people see you? You want to showcase your gracefully-shaped ankles. Even if your body isn’t in the best of shape, you can still look fabolous wearing for shoes that displays well-shaped ankles, which brings out the beauty and femininity of your legs.

Often old age comes with thinning hair. Don’t be alarmed because you can make your hair look great by embracing a few tips listed here. First, you wanto condition your hair on a regular basis. Secondly, consider keeping your hair short because it’s easier to manage and looks more neat. As you age, it’s important to have a very neat look, which is more attractive. Your skin color tends to change a little bit as you age. It often becomes more pale, giving your face a dull, weathered look. A good skincare routine can bring life back to an aged face.

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Watch how you dress. Just because you like how a black dress fits a particular women, doesn’t mean the same look will compliment you. Who knows? Maybe you are more of a creamy purple kind of a women or maybe that black dress needs to be a little longer to cover ageing knees.

You want to find a look that brings out the best in you, meaning, a look that shows your best physical features and hides what’s not so attractive. If you have a straight figure, with not many curves, then adding contoured clothing to your wardrobe is a good idea.

Look for a shirt or jacket that narrows you in the middle, instead of something that’s loose and floppy. You want to give the appearance of curves that you may not have. Instead of a waistband defined dress, try wearing “sheath” type shape designs, and you will still look great. With this type of dress, your waist will be a major focal point.

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Let The Process Begin

Embracing change in your life can start with that boutique nearby that you find fascinating. They may carry clothing that catches your eye or emulates a style of your favorite celebrity. Take a step forward and treat yourself to a new wardrobe using some of the tips we have given you. The above fashion pointers are just a few guidelines to help you embrace the ageing process.

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