8 Things Every Woman Over 50 Should Do To Look Years Younger

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For a woman over 50, the 50s are a time when so much is happening in your life. We have a game plan that will ensure you get a lifetime of health and happiness. Even though you are still fabulous after 50, there are plenty of subtle changes taking place, and you need to address them before they escalate into major problems.

The most common health problems affecting a woman over 50 include:

  • A 2% slowing of metabolism per decade
  • Muscles mass has begun decreasing by 6 to 7 pounds a year
  • From the mid-30s, your bone density has been dropping by 1% each year
  • Declining libido due to the increased stress levels and changes in hormones
  • Increased stress levels because of health, kids, parents, finances, and career
  • Increased chances for depression at this stage

To counter act these changes in health and life, you should consider making the following preventive habits part of your life. These will help keep you healthy, happy, sharplier and more energetic for years ahead.

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Eat Breakfast Every Day

Breakfast is a crucial meal every one of us should not miss. It keeps your weight down and metabolism up to burn calories for a healthier body. Studies have shown that eating a large breakfast results in a loss of 21% body weight in 8 months. Make it your biggest meal to power your day and control weight gain. Those who make breakfast their smallest meal don’t experience significant weight loss(2).

Consuming a solid meal when you start your day works in partnership with your metabolism, which is naturally highest in the morning. It then fuels all your activities, therefore, preventing any cravings that are caused by a drop in your sugar levels. Don’t hold back as you start your day, eat healthy and large in the morning.

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Jump-Start Your Metabolism

A woman over 50 typically has decreased metabolism, which can cause weight gain. You can boost your metabolic rate and burn calories more easily just like when you were younger. Performing strength-training for about six months will boost your resting metabolism so that you can continue burning calories even when resting on the sofa. A regular workout builds a healthy body with reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, stroke among others(1).

Apart from increasing your metabolic rate, strength-training also strengthens your bones, helps maintain balance, and presents injuries since your muscles will be prepared to protect your skeleton as you grow older. Devote at least 30 minutes, 3-days a week for strength training, especially for stubborn areas, like your tummy and thighs.

8 Things Every Woman Over 50 Should Do To Look Years Younger

Boost Your Calcium And Vitamin D

As you age, your bones become weak due to a loss of density. When you increase your intake of calcium and vitamin D, strengthen your bones. A woman over 50 should get 1,000 mg of calcium daily and between 400 and 800 IU of vitamin D from food sources and supplements.(2)

Practice Stress Control

If you’re experiencing increased stress levels as you approach 50 and beyond, you want to get this stress under control quickly. Stress can age you 10-20 years. Stress makes you age faster if you don’t take early action to control it. Stress has a way of triggering unhealthy changes like blood pressure, body weight, reduced energy to the brain, faster cell death and lower libido.

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Practice a breathing technique at least twice a day. This will get your heart to a healthy rhythm. Doing this activates the vagus nerve running from the brain to the pelvis, resulting in a relaxed heart, airways, muscles, blood vessels, and gastrointestinal tract.

Pump Up On Protein

Get enough protein with all the essential amino acids at least twice a day to boost your neurotransmitter levels in the brain to help curb depression. A poor diet will not equip you to combat poor memory and slow thinking among other brain conditions. At each meal, aim for at least 4 ounces of protein, these sources can be quinoa, fish, and eggs.

Don’t forget about your carbs though; you need something to boost your serotonin levels to boost your moods every day. Healthy brain food will slow down the onset of mental degenerative conditions and help keep you sharp as your body ages(1).

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Be Adventurous With Your Partner

Be adventurous with your partner and add fun to your life. Life isn’t only about chores, routines, kids, parents, and career. There is more to life, even in your 50s. Doing something adventurous increases levels of dopamine in the brain, just like when you first fell in love. Go vacationing, travel to new places, go ballroom dancing with the one you love to promote bonding.

And don’t hold back any sexual desires. Discuss this with your partner. A survey found that women who use sex toys had more interesting and enjoyable sex, easier orgasms, greater arousal, and less pain during sex. You’re at the age now when you can easily step out of your comfort zone and do things you’ve been afraid to do for decades(3).

Go Out With Your Girlfriends

Create time in your busy life to go out with friends and have fun. This is the best way to [reduce stress](stress) and boost your self-esteem. It will even make you more loving to your partner if you’ve noticed lately that the love has been dwindling. Even though women are excellent at connecting socially, they let the pressures of their 40s and 50s keep them from maintaining those connections.

There is so much to do and care about and worry about that you will end up neglecting your life and your happiness. Those with extensive social networks in their family, work colleagues, voluntary organizations, religious groups or hobbies — show lower levels of diabetes, blood pressure and reduced risk of stroke, heart diseases — among other diseases at this age compared to those who are less connected.

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Get Essential Check-Ups

Apart from working on your diet, lifestyle and exercising regularlly — don’t forget to include these in your routine:

  • Get an eye exam every 2 to 4 years
  • Check your blood pressure every two years
  • Get a pap test and pelvic exam every 1 to 3 years
  • Get a thyroid test every five years
  • Checking for moles every year
  • Check your blood glucose levels every three years

These are 8 tips to follow as you age that can help you age gracefully and still enjoy life.

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