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5 Proven Ways Women Can Eliminate Stress, Chaos and Anxiety to Create a Happier, Healthier Life

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Psychological stress is a strain and pressure that can cripple you and make life miserable.

Many women experience extreme psychological pain from day-to-day stress on the job and at home.

A small amount of stress in your life is natural, beneficial, and even healthy to make life exciting.

This type of positive stress helps improve you as a person.

It plays a major factor in your motivations and reactions to your environment.

However, excessive amounts of stress, can cause you bodily harm.

It can increase your risk of an ulcer, mental illness depression, stroke, and heart attack.

Stress can also be external and related to your environment, like at work, school and at home when faced with family issues.

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There are also certain internal perceptions that can cause you to experience anxiety or other negative emotions.

Whether it’s gluten or sugar or pesticides, women across America have caught onto the “detox” trend.

And yet there’s a prevailing toxin in your life that you might not even think about: dealing with your stress.

According to a nationwide study conducted by the American Psychological Association, approximately half of all adults say their stress levels have increased recently.

The problem is so big, the association labels chronic stress as a “public health crisis” impacting America’s emotional, mental and physical health.

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